Monday, June 20, 2011

We'll Follow the Old Man....

Yesterday was Father's Day and I'd like to dedicate this post to mine.

Musicals that my Dad and I sing together:

Jesus Christ Superstar - I'm Judas and Mary and he's Jesus.
Newsies - I'm Jack and David and he's everyone else.
Rent - he's all chorus and I'm everyone else.
Into the Woods - I'm the Baker's Wife and he's whoever he wants to be in the moment, but not a moment in the woods.
Man of La Mancha - He sings the "Impossible Dream," I sing everything else.
Wicked - He just listens to me sing.

Reasons he's the best dad ever:

1. He makes me laugh with his silly jokes and he laughs at mine.
2. He puts up with my ridiculous nickname for him (Popo Jijo).
3. He's also Super Dad, who can aid any daughter at anytime, anywhere.
4. He always gives me hugs when I want them.
5. He is a huge part of my evacuation from NYC plan. Actually, he's a vital part of it. I'm not forgetting that he's head of the Anti-Zombie Strike Force either.
6. He taught me a fine appreciation of all things Sci-fi.
7. He never got annoyed when I would follow him around the house singing "The Old Man" from White Christmas. (He would, however, retreat into the bathroom where I would NOT follow him. So, the song is actually wrong about "following the old man wherever he wants to go...")
8. He taught me how to ride a bike. (Even though you lied about holding on to the bike, I forgive you. Because you said that I was "pedaling too fast for you to keep up with me."
9. He is the ultimate guru of all things History and he's passed on that love to me.
10. He is my Popo Jijo.

So, Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

I leave you humming "The Old Man" from White Christmas.

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