Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another "What not to do..."

I began typing this post while still on the phone with the patron.

Conversation goes as follows:

Me: Ticket Services, how can I help you?
Patron: Hello, do I order tickets through you or can I just buy these online.
Me: You can do either. I see you're already holding seats in your cart; you can just complete the order online. Or, you can remove those seats from your cart and purchase them over the phone with me.
Patron: Do I have to give you all my information that the computer is asking me for? Can't I just say I want them held at the box office under my name?
Me: Yes you'll have to give me the same information you would give our system. No matter how you complete your order we will need a billing address to go along with the credit card used.
Patron: Oh, well I'll just do it on here then...
Me: Great! If you need any other assistance please contact Ticket Services and we can answer any of your questions.
Patron: No wait! I need you to stay on the line with me while I register!
Me: Oooookaaaaay. I'll stay on the line.

Patron proceeds to spend the next 8-10 minutes muttering under his breath about the step by step registration process. Coming on every other minute to assure himself that I'm still there.

Finally, he gets to the end and can't understand why he can't click on the word "receipt" to print. I have to explain to him you are supposed to print the whole page, which acts as a receipt. He spends another minute still not understanding until he reads out loud "Please, print this page for your own records."

13.) Do not make someone in customer service stay on the line with you unnecessarily. There is no reason to keep someone on the line because you're registering on the website. I don't know you or any of your private information. How is there any possible way I can help? There's isn't. You have to pull up your big kid pants and do this on your own. Thanks to you there are 8 minutes of my life that were spent listening to you put all of your information into a website. I wouldn't even allow family to do that to me. 8 minutes wasted, because of you.

I leave you humming "All the Wasted Time."

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