Monday, April 5, 2010

Homeward Bound

This weekend was Easter weekend and I spent it with my family in Ohio. Lent ended and so did my vow. I didn't once cheat. On Sunday, I only had 6 small pieces of chocolate, one can of diet Pepsi and one piece of cake. That's it. I didn't make myself sick, I just enjoyed being able to have sweets again.

My sister, Kate actually got up this morning with me to take me to the airport (bless her little heart). I was physically ill because I never get up that early. I'm not going to tell you what time it was, but the sun wasn't even up yet and wasn't up until the end of my flight. It was totally gross. Kate was such a trooper.

My whole family was wonderful and it was great to be home for a heartbeat.

I leave you humming "You'll Be in My Heart."

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