Monday, August 24, 2009

End of One Road

This past weekend was the last performance of the show. Such a beautiful piece, and such an amazing cast. For once in a show we all got along. Every single one of us. It rarely happens that the full cast can go out and not only want to hang out, but they enjoy it immensely as well. It's silly but I think I already miss them. Shows for 4 weeks in a row can give people a lot of time to get to know one another. Those people, that became my friends made me so happy. To be a part of that group is really like being a part of a family. It was good for me because I've been missing my family lately. This was a group that I felt completely comfortable being myself. Not that I put on a mask with other people, but to be a part of a group where you genuinely like everyone is absolutely freeing. You need to try it.

It's strange that people can become friends so quickly. Then you wake up one morning and you don't know what it was like to not be friends with them. It makes me wonder about the process our brain goes through when becoming friends with someone. Why can we become friends with one person, but not another? Some questions can't be answered, but that doesn't stop me from asking them. Someone has to, right?

I had to say my goodbyes yesterday....with the whole cast. Everyone is a local, except one. That one is an 11 year old girl that I instantly lost my heart to. On one hand she is very mature for her age and on the other she still has the plucky innocence of youth. I got a little emotional, but didn't cry when I said goodbye to her. I think she'll be back. No actress can resist the call of NYC...even if she is eleven, laughs at her own jokes and talks at about a thousand words a minute. I'll miss her, but saying goodbye in this case is nice because I'm saying goodbye after meeting her and getting to know her. Not saying goodbye would mean not having met her. Sweet Sam.

Closing the show is bittersweet and I have made so many dear friends. Rumors of a revival keep my heart light with hope for the future. During goodbyes I heard it countless times, from actors, director and producers alike: "Don't worry we WILL work together again." I've heard it before, only this time I believe.

I leave you humming "Bittersweet Symphony."

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