Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NYC von Trapps?

One truly amazing thing happened yesterday. I heard crystal clear clarity come from the voices of three children.

About 2 months ago a cute Chinese family moved in next door to us. Three kids, the Mom and Dad all living in a four bedroom. Every time Beau and I pass them in the hall the kins can't seem to stop staring. I don't mind, but sometimes it comes off as awkward. And let's not forget that having three kids stare at you can also seem a little creepy. Well, as you can imagine Beau and I just ignored them. We thought maybe it was because our hair and make up were totally 1940's, due to the play we were in. Whatever the reason, we just pretended they weren't awkwardly staring as we slowly climbed the stairs.

We knew also from sharing walls with their apartment that they played various instruments. Going as far as playing pieces as a family. They keep their front door open during the afternoons to get a cross breeze. Sometimes we can hear them better then. But, nothing prepared me for what I was treated with on my day off.

Beau and I were saying goodbye to a friend and were standing in our doorway when, all of a sudden, the little boy popped around the corner and proceeded to smile and stare. Our friend left and we started to talk to the boy. Next the oldest girl appeared, followed quickly by the middle girl. We were talking and next thing we know the Mom comes and introduces herself. She asked if we wanted to hear her kids sing and we, of course, said that would be wonderful.

These children opened their mouths and started singing a 3-part, classical Baroque piece a capella. It was one of the most beautiful things I have EVER heard. They just stood in the doorway of our apartment singing to us. We noticed doors down the hallway open and we spied our neighbors coming out to see where the music was coming from. We all just quietly listened in amazement, mouths hanging open, and applauded when they sang the last chord. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

We all said goodbye and went back into our individual apartments. But, for one moment music had brought a weird unity to the 3rd floor. I hope to hear their door open in the future, because I don't know how long I can go without hearing them. Who knows, maybe the kids will stop staring at us now.

I leave you humming "Lonely Goatherd."

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