Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl

I don't watch football so I don't watch the Super Bowl. But, I love watching the commercials that run during it. I always watch them the day after online. This is my favorite:

<a href=";from=metadatawidget_en-us_foxpsorts_videocentral&amp;vid=f0aab814-4dca-4ae5-8920-af71d05e1287" target="_new" title="Google: Search On">Video: Google: Search On</a>

There's something so sweet about it that just plucks at my heart strings. It's also, the most non-Super Bowl, Super Bowl commercial.

I leave you humming "I Want to Make it With You."


  1. this one was SO cute when Jess Molly and I saw it we were freaking out! Then.... Brian had to ruin by saying at the end... "a divorce attorney".... jerk but I thought it was absolutely adorable!

  2. Supposedly the creator of this campaign for google just graduated from college last year. This was their first big Ad. I call it successful. What do you think?

  3. I bawled my eyes out after I watched that commercial. It was embarrassing.