Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Time

Ever notice that the weekend moves a lot faster than weekdays? You can be sitting at work all week waiting with bated breath for the weekend, it finally gets there, and next thing you know you're back at work on Monday. This weekend moved pretty quickly for me. I really didn't do anything....maybe that's the reason. I like at least one day where I can be completely and utterly lazy for the full day. Just sit back and relax, with no where to go. That's my ideal weekend.

I did clean my bathroom though. Which needed to be done. (P.S. Don't shake your rug out after you've cleaned the whole bathroom. This leads to a second cleaning.) I also watched the season finale of True Blood. A-mazing. So, I really can't remember if I achieved anything else this weekend. Maybe that's it. I'd say that makes it a pretty good weekend.

Back to work on a Monday. Just like everyone else. Pretty cool that I have one thing in common with a huge percentage of workers. We all get back to work on Monday morning. Most of which, are still wishing it was the weekend. But, think about it, we're only four full days away from the weekend! That's exciting!

So, good luck with the rest of your work week.

I leave you humming "Working For The Weekend."

1 comment:

  1. Too obvious of a song selection. Challenge me. "Couple Days Off" or "Happy Working Song" Where are those? Hmmmmm? xoxo