Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Late Night Prattle

So....I'm into zombies right now. Not like, into into, I just like reading about them. There's something about them that my mind can't figure out. Today I was in Borders and bought two more books. Something about flesh eating zombies that make me appreciate the simple things in life.

I'm actually learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Not saying that it will ever happen, but if it does I'm toally prepared. Unfortunately, the only weapons in my apartment worthy of battleing a zombie are the awesome skillet/pan my Mom gave me and the table lamp I bought from Target. I hope they'll do, because my softball bat is back at my parents' house.

Well, my Dad can use it to protect the house from our reanimated neighbors.....

I leave you humming "Killing Me Softly."

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