Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Smell Flu

I'm lying; I don't ever smell the flu. I don't even understand what that even means. My sister Loo does. She always used to say that when we were growing up. "I smell flu; I'm going to get sick soon." I always thought it was a ridiculous statement. What does flu smell like, and why does she smell it and not me? But, unbelievably, she would get sick within the week. I still don't get it. I don't think I've ever smelled the flu. I should ask her if she thinks the Swine flu smells differently than the average flu.

So, Loo.....do you think Swine flu smells different than the average flu?

All I know is that I was sick yesterday and smelled nothing. Maybe my flu-dar is off. Or maybe Loo has had a magical ability all these years. I hope the government isn't reading this, I don't want them do scientific testing on her. I'd miss her.

Yeah, all this talk about my sister smelling the flu......I was just kidding.....really I was....ha.....ha......government officials...ha.

Anywho, I leave you humming "What's That Smell?"


  1. indeed it would be different and it smells like sick snot you know what I mean? Oh well, I do have a magical ability. sh.