Friday, August 28, 2009


Living with three other people in an apartment gets exciting. Beau, Elyse, Macaroni and I all living in a 4 bedroom and learning to coexist. Late night kitchen talks happen regularly, of which I'm learning to love. I always want to sleep but find I'm having too much fun standing in the kitchen talking. Talking for up to hours sometimes.

If you think about it, it's really one of the best places to have a heart to heart. It's the only place in the apartment where food is readily at your finger tips. Lovely temptation. Also, you can cook dinner and have someone sit to keep you company. (Table and chairs brought to you by Beau's Mom.) Last night found the 3 lady roommates talking until 1:30 in the morning. We talked about everything from relationships to zucchini bread. World's best zucchini bread created by Elyse. Really, it was amazing. I told her she can make it for me any day, anytime. I completely appreciate that bread and her for making it.

Having three very different roommates helps me in so many ways. There's the whole learning to live with other people thing. But, there's also the whole keeping me happy and social thing. Yes, it might me easier sometimes to live alone where you can always do things the way you want. But, if I were to live alone I would probably become a hermit. Seriously, my roommates draw me out and force me to socialize like I need to. I genuinely enjoy each one's company for different reasons. Elyse is sweet and understanding, always lending a listening ear. Beau is strong and opinionated, never letting me settle for less while she offers good advice. While Macaroni eats all the experimental dinners I make, even if it could kill him (and compliments me as well). I really can't imagine the apartment without them.

Hopefully, I'll never have to.

I leave you humming "With a Little Help From My Friends."

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