Wednesday, April 27, 2011



You suck.

You send emails with guy matches to my lovely, lesbian roommate. When she investigated to figure out why, you told her that if she has her email settings set up to receive daily emails, you will send her people that she has a few things in common with (with no sexual orientation in mind). However, I know with 100% certainty, that I (a straight woman) would NEVER receive emails with women matches.

I can't accept your double standards and therefore am telling the world (mostly my Facebook friends and/or my few blog followers).

There, now I can go about my day trying not to think on this hypocrisy.

Sincerely and never yours,


P.S. I leave you humming "You Give Love a Bad Name."


  1. This gave me a bad memory... the title of this post was the same as the email I got from my stupid boss yelling at me that one day... eesh.


  2. A most excellent song choice, BB.