Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zombie Lesson #3

I've already said that your best bet is to stay indoors and defend your own home against the zombies. But, I do understand sometimes you need to make a run for it. The next few lessons are our "On the Run" lessons. This one is specifically about where you might be able to find a safe haven along the way.

Lesson 3: "Resist the urge to dash into the nearest building. Remember, no matter how desperate the situation seems, time spent thinking clearly is never time wasted." (p. 87)

A.) Office buildings are going to be really similar to apartment buildings. (See Lesson 2). However, you will have a hard time with supplies, especially with food.
B.) Schools are pretty ideal. You have food and lots of space. Think of the inner city schools, all those fences. Sometimes I don't know if those are to keep the people out or the kids in. Either way, it will help keep the zombies out.
C.) You need to avoid hospitals like the plague. Oh wait....this is a plague. I know they have vast medical supplies, but you have to remember that when we don't know how serious the outbreak is, people are going to take their relatives and friends for treatment. They will reanimate and hang around waiting for you to show up looking for your Tylenol.
D.) Never go to a police department. At the beginning of any outbreak the police department will be swamped with people. Zombies are attracted to large groups of humans. So, go ahead and go to the police department, the police won't be there anyway, but the zombies will.
E.) Retail stores and shopping malls are pointless. Yes, most have gates for security, but you won't be able to resupply.
F.)Yeah....stay out of grocery stores completely. Ever wonder why most grocery stores have full glass walls? So shoppers can see the food, get hungry, go in and spend lots of money. Do you really want to be the food on display? I didn't think so.
G.) Churches are not to be used during outbreaks. You might be afraid and want to pray, however it's best to do so quietly in a secure location. Again, zombies are attracted to large groups of people. It's hard to keep a full church of praying people quiet. Feel free to worship quietly to yourself, I know I will be. Anyway, I don't think God will mind if you miss church for a bit.
H.) If you thought "I'll go to the bank vault!" You thought stupidly and I've lost a lot of respect for you. Stop reading this blog immediately; we don't need people like you surviving the apocalypse.
I.) If you're passing through and just need a place to rest, I suggest a cemetery. A lot of people have the misconception that zombies will crawl out of their graves to attack. (Zombies reanimate long before anyone has time to bury them.) Because of this misconception they will avoid graveyards. Few people + Tons of rotting old corpses= Quiet place to rest without zombies.

I'm hoping to keep as many of you alive as possible. Follow these guidelines and you'll find a place that can temporarily act as a safe haven for you.

I leave you humming "Almost Paradise."

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