Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Were There...

I talked to my oldest sister Jen yesterday. She had a medical procedure done yesterday and last night she was on drugs. We had a wonderful and overly funny conversation. We went from jokes about her being old, to Glee, to my niece and I fighting over the character, Dean Winchester, in Supernatural, (which obviously I would win, because I'm older) finally ending with the image of our sister Loo trying to be in Mom's womb at her current weight and height......disturbing. Thanks Jen.

I rely on my sisters more than I think. When we were growing up we lived close to the highway and didn't have kids as neighbors. We had Bob and Betty. Bob who mowed the lawn every day and Betty who yelled at us for playing near her garden. No children. My sisters were my best friends and still are. Jen being a lot older than us forced her into the idol role. We wanted to do everything like her and with her. Poor thing. Kate was the ever responsible one.  I worried about disappointing her more than disappointing our parents. My other half and twin Loo is the reason I never felt anxiety moving up through school. Imagine having a sibling who goes through every life change with you. Starting school, moving into high school and then leaving home and going to college, she was there with me. My little support system. Well....not so little, she's a full inch and a half taller than me.

This picture makes me think of her.

                                                      Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden Photography
I leave you humming "Sisters."

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  1. Yes, I have to admit, for the most part sisters are a good invention.

    I remember watching my cousin drive off to the church on her wedding day, surrounded by her three sisters, and feeling a twang of remorse that my daughter would never experience this (she only has a stinky old brother). Never mind, my children were loving and close growing up (so much so that I sometimes wondered if they were normal!) and I'm sure my daughter has found advantages in having a brother that I never experienced as one of three girls.

    Continue enjoying your sisters - family just can't be replaced.

    Live Life Happy!